Why Choose MMD?

The Process

To begin, MMD will review several recent merchant statements of your current processor. MMD will then provide you with a detailed savings report. If accepted, a simple two-page application must then be completed. Within 48 hours, your new and ready to use terminal will be delivered.


MMD only prices deals using the Interchange Plus model, which is the most cost efficient model available. With this model, you are only charged a small amount over the cost of the transactions, rather than a bundled or flat fee. 

What if I am locked in a contract?

MMD has two options for your company: 


1) If MMD sees a business case to pay off the early termination fee, we will do so.

2) If the fee is so expensive and there is a good amount of savings, MMD can act as an advocate for your business. We will help drive down the cost with your current processor. MMD will then share in the monthly savings with your business.

Next Day Funding

All of MMD's offerings come with next day funding. Depending on the business's bank, same-day funding can be available. 

All 50 States

We have the ability to work with merchants in all 50 states.